IIDM has created a culture that emphasizes customer centricity, teamwork, innovation, leadership and continuous process improvement and development of the society. Our culture is expressed in the Values that embody our core ideology and define who we are. Our Values are based on the foundation of unyielding integrity and act as a compass to guide our thoughts and actions, serving as the pillars that uphold us as an organization with integrity & conviction towards our professional outcomes. IIDM’s operations are a seamless extension of our clients’ operations. Our strong operating culture defines our process effectiveness that aims at delivering real business results and strategic value to our clients. We integrate and enhance our capabilities with those of our client’s to drive business process effectiveness with the objective to increase efficiencies and improve business outcomes. We see our relationships with clients as strategic, long term, and enduring. In addition to that we measure our success by the end beneficiary benefited and the +ve impact generated in his life.

IIDM offers the right skills and services for such an approach. Our expanding list of service offerings allows us to assist our clients with a broad range of solutions. We often start work with a client in one domain and end up developing the relationship to encompass others. This proven customer engagement model, where we start small, deliver value, expand services scope, and gradually penetrate other areas, provides us with growth and long-term visibility.

We believe that honest and periodic client feedback enriches our relationships. Our feedback sessions are one-on-one or revolve around client forums. Our biannual Executive Roundtable is a client forum that stimulates new thinking and thought leadership. It also enables our clients to share best practices and connect with development experts and peers. We are guided by Research Ethics Committee in our research approaches & development interventions. We carry out researches on burning development issues on proactive basis & appraise the community & the media about the trends in the field & truth associated with the issue.

Consulting Approach:
We look at the clients problems more holistically, objectively addressing the complex interplay of people , process and technology . We work to uncover deeper and broader implications of client problems and consider them in the dynamic context of the system in which our client organizations operate .We act as trusted advisors to our clients supporting them through the full life cycle of discovery decision and execution & offering tailored real world solutions as opposed to theories and rigid methodologies, or predetermined answers.