THe Institute

Indian Institute of Development management is a not for profit multi- disciplinary, development research and facilitative think-tank. We Endeavour to work towards equity, social development and transparency in governance through research & evaluation, Interventions and capacity building/ Training .Indian Institute of Development Management was established in the year 1996 at Bhopal as a development consulting, training & research organization in Development sector There has been a long felt need for a research organization which can provide meaningful support with data base and innovative development strategies in the country. IIDM is an organization who wants to be change agent in society to meet this need.

Growth Story

A History of Innovation that has defined development facilitation
IIDM was an early mover in the development sector for BCC & Intra communication and is a pioneer in many of the areas that have given strength to Development Management and the globalization of services. IIDM developed a Change Management Model core to development communication & community empowerment. These key methodologies, initiatives, and practices have been emulated by many others in the development sector in India and around the globe. We believe our constant focus on innovation of searching newer techniques & amalgamating with the development problem solving tools enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve and continuously benefit from what is new in development management.