Our Clients

Our clients face daunting challenges. They need to manage ever-deeper and faster change. They need to understand how mega-trends like global dynamics, Climate change, global warming, ecological imbalances decentralized planning, Nutrition- Health & Hygine , HIV Aids ,shortages in energy, food, and water, infrastructure safety and capacity, health, women and child development etc affect their missions.

IIDM clients are various government agencies, corporations, and various funding agencies like UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, SIDA, WHO, DANIDA, ACTION AID, World Bank, ADB, DFID, EC, CIDA & CARE etc and other institutions that want to change their organizations and the world for the better.

IIDM clients look to answer key questions affecting their near-term and long-term success:

• Where are the risks and opportunities?

• What innovative approaches can we bring to the situation?

• What are the pitfalls?

• How do we keep our mission clearly in focus — and deliver on it?

• How to manage the change and bridge the gap in society?

• How to build in the social details with clarity in thoughts?

• How to lubricate development and Sustain it?

These agencies have worked with IIDM& have short listing us for many activities in the national level competitive bidding. We appreciate the trust they bestowed on us for various recognition at national& international platforms.