IIDM Values

IIDM values innovation in approach, team work in process, excellence in its output & awards its leadership in the organization and above all timely delivery of its commitments.


1. Delivering what we promise and adding value beyond what is expected.

2. We succeed when our customers succeed

3. Outstanding execution delivers impact

4. We achieve excellence through innovation, learning, and agility.


1. Innovation keeps us ahead of the curve

2. Design and implement sustainable and scalable solutions

3. Have integrity & conviction to our research outcomes & innovative approaches.

Team work

1. Teams work, boundaries don’t

2. Effective teamwork requires relationships, respect and sharing.

3. Leverage our differentiating skills and competencies

4. We grow when our people grow

Leadership & JIT(Just in Time)

1. Leadership demands courage, vision and integrity.

2. Quality & timeliness are our first preferences

3. Energy and focus transform challenges into opportunities

4. We measure our results with the end beneficiary benefited .